Category - Omni-channel Retailer of the Year

Judging Criteria

Describe the different channels you sell through and the role each plays in elevating the experience?

How have you evolved as an omni-channel retailer in the last 12 months?

How do your online and offline operations seamlessly connect?

How does your omni-channel approach different from your competitors?

Who can enter?

Anyone can nominate, but a retailer must accept the award.

Retail Supplier category – retailer must nominate supplier.

Supplier to receive the award.

In terms of responses:

Up to 500 words per question (all questions must be responded to in writing).

Video/images can be included as support material for your responses.

As part of your submission, please provide a hi-res logo (jpeg, eps).

For reference

Customer experience – the total journey of a customer’s interactions with a brand.

Customer service – the advice or assistance a company gives its customers.

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  • 9 Sep 2019

    Nominations Open

  • 8 Nov 2019

    Nominations Close

  • 9 Nov 2019


  • 13 Dec 2019

    Finalists Announced

  • 27 Feb 2020

    Retail Awards 2020

2019 Omni-channel Retailer of the Year




Accent Group

Live Interiors

Australian Geographic

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